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Vermeister VS Bona water bourn finishes. Boston Massachusetts
Dustless Floor Sanding Boston,MA
VerMeister Flame waterbase finishes,Boston,MA


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Vermeister VS Bona water bourn finishes. Boston Massachusetts

We have been applying water base finishes for over 12 years and have had many water base products to compare hands on. 10 years ago I would be completely against applying water base finishes all together, water base products really came a long way since then.
Bona water base products are one of the best on the market right now. Bona sealers are sometimes hard to work with, like Bona AmberSeal it leaves lap marks from the roller and brush marks,sometimes you really have to buff the Amberseal to get the marks out.

Dustless Floor Sanding Boston,MA

Many companies claim to provide dustless sanding,but not all deliver. I have seen and heard flooring companies show up to customers houses with a shop vac and pawn it off as a dust containment system,no dustless attachment on any of the tools and old drum sanders that were not required to comply with and dust containment regulations.
We have top of the line HEPA vacuums with double filters, all our tools have proper dust control attachments and our belt/drum sanders are made by a respected German company and have met the dust containment requirements to be officially called dustless belt/drum sander. I love to provide my customers with information of exactly what they are getting.

VerMeister Flame waterbase finishes,Boston,MA

Flame by Vermeister is a two-component, NMP-free, waterborne sealer with toning effect. Based on the latest generation of resins, Flame enhances the tone of the wood in almost exactly the same way as traditional solvent based sealers. Contrary to previous sealers, this product does not lead to yellowing or ambering over time. This outstanding characteristic of Flame has been achieved while still maintaining other very important features such as resistance to overlapping, good coverage,  and excellent sandability.